myoRESEARCH® 3.14

All-in-One Software

  • New Project Button on Home Screen
    For faster record organization and recording setup.
  • Hardware Profiles Linked to Configurations
    Allowing customized equipment profiles to only be used with the desired configurations.
  • Project, Subject, Record View in Database
    Quickly organize records into projects, subjects, and records.
  • Dynamic Right Hand Toolbar in Viewer
    Advanced options are now filtered based on what the user has selected.
  • Quick Select Visualization Pane within Viewer
    Toggle which window is maximized by simply clicking the other views.
  • Report – Color Selector
    Within a report, it is now easy to change the colors of the data and statistics during a comparison.
Hardware Profiles Linked to Configurations
Project, Subject, Record View in Database
Quick Select Visualization Pane within Viewer
  • Database Record Tagging & Filtering
    Data can be tagged and filtered within the database to show only a specific subset of projects, subjects, or records.
  • MVC Pause Feature
    The ability to pause data collection during a maximum voluntary contraction, allowing for movement artifact between MVC muscle positions to be ignored.
MVC Pause Feature
  • Soft Tissue Motion Correction
    Allows for additional stabilization to be applied to rotational data so that joint angles and trajectories are smoother and more accurate to the true movement of the skeletal system.
  • Improved Biomechanical Model Anatomic-Based Movement Constraints
    Anatomical constraints, specifically joint constraints, have been added to the model as options to control for rotation and magnetic drift errors that can arise.
  • Calibration Adjustment Tool
    With the new myoMotion IMU sensor accessory, the Calibration Adjustment Tool, landmarks can be digitized to scale and position the model to match the subjects.
  • Body Weight Calibration (Treadmill Recordings)
  • Manual Step Correction
  • Pressure-based Multi-Activity Recordings
Soft Tissue Motion Correction
Calibration Adjustment Tool
H/P COSMOS Gaitway 3D Force with Pressure Treadmill Integration
GPX Import