Chronic R Peroneal Tendon Irritation with Long Distance Running

Subject’s age: 17

Subject’s gender: Male

Reason for visit:

Chronic right peroneal tendon irritation with long distance running. Had been going to outpatient physical therapy for several months with great success but still had pain with running > 6-7 miles.

Noraxon hardware used:

9 Pro Research IMU sensors & 2 NiNOX 2D video cameras

Key findings:

  • Right ankle adduction during right stance = increased strain through the peroneals
  • Decreased right ankle plantarflexion at push off indicating decreased utilization of calf despite good strength (25+/25 heel raises)

Treatment summary:

Movement retraining exercises in combination with running cues on his own for 8 weeks.

Key Improvements Shown in Comparison Report:

  • Looking at right ankle abduction/adduction you can see that his return visit (Running 7.0 mph) now showed right ankle ABDuction as opposed to ADDuction at initial visit (Long mileage base pace).
  • Looking at right ankle dorsiflexion/plantar flexion you can see that he had increased plantar flexion at return visit – more calf contribution.

Assessment and Training Outcomes:

Patient could now run up to 7 miles without increased right peroneal pain and subjectively felt that he felt really good about where his body was leading up to college track next year.

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