LIFE Students at Noraxon 2015 Biomechanics Symposium

Three students from Life University’s Doctor of Chiropractic Program recently traveled to the Noraxon 2015 Biomechanics Symposium. The symposium was held in the biomechanics lab of Dr. Nick Studholme, a Denver, Colorado sports chiropractor. Life U’s Center for Chiropractic Research got their force-sensor treadmill and motion capture system from Noraxon, a company specializing in biomechanical analysis methods for clinical and research use. Students Mike Weiner, Jonathan Bryson (“Bryson”) and Lori Beth Bryson (“LB”), accompanied by Dr. Brent Russell, learned more about measurement of forces during walking, joint angles during movement and many more topics. Other attendees included biomechanics and health professionals from Arizona, California, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Germany and South Africa. Expect to see some interesting research coming from these folks in the future!