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myoMETRICS lab Assessment


The Daily Planet on the Discovery Channel went to EXOS (previously Athletes Performance) to discover how the body reacts to a new robotic squating machine.  The tests were verified and validated by Noraxon’s pressure insoles, 3D motion capture and EMG systems.

Force Integration with EMG


Noraxon’s EMG is combined with a Bertec force-instrumented treadmill and all signals are brought into Noraxon’s bioinformatics software: myoRESEARCH 3.



Cervical range of motion test on office worker.

EMG & myoMOTION Assessment


Ergonomic work space assessment while on the computer.

EMG Analysis


Ergonomic work effort assessment in industrial setting.

myoMETRICS lab Assessment


Gait assessment of a stroke patient.

Noraxon Clinical Overview


Evidence-based assessments in biomechanics – Noraxon medical minute.

EMG Assessment


Assessment of a patient with Peroneus disfunction.

Femoral Acetabular Case study


Hip impingement case study

Stroke Study Comparison


Comparison of before and after of a stroke patient.

Full Gait Lab


News channel feature on a podiatry office that has implemented a Noraxon gait lab.

Physical Therapy Biomechanics


Nicole Armbrust, PT, delivers a TED style talk on clinical biomechanics to the Gray Institute.



Kompass Health in New Zealand assesses an Olympic weight lifter.

myoMOTION Assessment


Karate assessment of hip adduction during kick and swing out.

Multi-Device Testing


standpoint WEAREFITNESS video

Force Vector Overlay


Insight into how landing forces affect the body during cutting

EMG Study


Researchers from University of Sau Paolo observed how the body of children reacts to impacts suffered from exercises.  Results show that the joints of the overweight kids received twice the force compared to the skinnier kids.

Interview on the field


Coach Lee Troop on Evidence Based Biomechanics in Running.

myoMETRICS lab Assessment


Running gait analysis.

myoMOTION Study


Olympic style functional assessments.

Carree  Dance
Guitar Player
Fun with myoMOTION


Animation dance to a Michael Jackson song.

myoMOTION Integration


Researchers from Germany implement Noraxon’s myoMOTION into a clinical rehabilitation virtual reality therapy.

myoMOTION & Motion Builder


Motion Builder demo controlled by Noraxon myoMOTION sensors

myoMOTION Animation Integration


A student thesis project on IMU implementation.

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