Introducing the New Ultium Motion Data Logger

Motion analysis is an essential tool for studying the mechanics of human movement. However, performing motion capture under controlled conditions in the lab or clinic may affect the subject’s movement patterns. Inertial motion capture systems, like Ultium Motion, have made capturing movement in natural environments more accessible, but the setup and operation can still be impractical at times. Now, with Noraxon’s Ultium Motion Data Logger App, you can take motion capture into the real world with ease!

By leveraging features of the Ultium Motion sensors, including Bluetooth connectivity and embedded flash memory, the Ultium Motion Data Logger App makes it possible for users to capture movement data in real-world scenarios without relying on a laptop or receiver. With the app, users can facilitate the configuration, calibration, and data collection using just the Bluetooth-connected Ultium Motion sensors and an Android phone or tablet. After the recording is finished, the data is prepared for import into Noraxon’s powerful biomechanics software platform, myoRESEARCH, for visualization and analysis. This provides a seamless end-to-end process for capturing human movement data in natural environments and unlocks a whole new world of possibilities for motion capture with Noraxon’s Ultium Motion system.

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