Baby boomers fuel wave of products meant to help them live longer and better

“Holy cow, this is scary!”

Ken Goble was 160 feet above the ground, walking a narrow plank. Or so it seemed.

The 69-year-old was wearing a virtual reality headset that tricked him into thinking he was up high and in danger.


He was simply crossing a lab floor at San Diego State University, where scientists were using virtual reality to gauge how stress and anxiety influence a person’s gait and balance.


Researcher Harsimran Baweja stood nearby, smiling.

“We want to help people stay active and independent as they age,” Baweja said as his team checked sensors on Roble’s arms and legs. “If we see something, we can try to fix it. This is about quality of life and people’s dignity.”


It’s also about the rapid rise of “senior tech.”


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