2018 Noraxon User Meeting Recap

The 2018 Noraxon User Meeting was a huge success. Held at EXOS (Phoenix, Arizona), meeting attendees spent two-days participating in workshops, hearing guest lectures, and learning from each other. Speaker topics ranged from building a business with biomechanics to tech applications in research with many applied topics in between. 

We want to thank everyone that came in for the event for attending. The success of the event truly stemmed from all the great conversations and collaboration within the group. We learned a lot and hope you did too! Our big takeaway from the event was a reminder of how fortunate we are to have a such fantastic user community. A community that is passionate about their work and strives to advance knowledge and practice in their fields. It is exciting that we get to be a little part of what you do.

Already looking forward to the Noraxon User Meeting 2019! 

Check out more photos from the event.